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Laser marking machine laser is absorbed by the material laws

Material for laser marking machine laser absorption law, in general, are the following:

1.irradiating laser to the surface, the part of the reflective surface of the material into the interior of the rest of the material, the material portion is absorbed and partly through the material,the laser marking machine price is reasonable.

2.reflector of the laser scale on the material, the absorption ratio A and the linear absorption coefficient values ??of the optical constants of the mouth or by the measured value of the complex refractive index of the material is calculated .

3.perpendicular incidence of the laser beam absorption ratio regardless of the polarization of the laser beam. However, when the laser beam is obliquely incident on the impact absorption polarization becomes very important.

Laser is a transverse electromagnetic wave, perpendicular to each other and perpendicular to the propagation direction of the electric and magnetic oscillation components. Determine the direction of polarization of the electric field vector direction of the laser beam. If only the electric field vector in a fixed plane of vibration is called plane-polarized light (or the linearly polarized light) as the electric field vector rotation about the direction of propagation, characterized by its end a circular orbit, called circularly polarized light. If the electric field vector rotates endpoint is an oval track, called elliptically polarized light. Circularly polarized perpendicular to each other to be seen as equal intensity superposition of two linearly polarized, elliptically polarized light was perpendicular to each other, ranging from two linearly polarized intensity superimposed.

Typically, the smaller the incident angle, the reflection or absorption of the surface than is actually affected by the ratio of the polarization characteristics. But for some big angle of incidence cases, such as laser cutting and laser deep penetration welding, the laser beam is tilted role in cutting or welding holes forefront of cutting-edge, the angle of incidence can be as large as -150 to 85 feet then RP s a big difference. Polarization plane perpendicular to the incident surface of almost all s-polarized light is reflected, parallel to the incident surface of the P-polarized light is mostly absorbed.

In this case, the impact on the processing characteristics of the polarization must be considered: If the direction of the laser cutting machine, laser machining is fixed and can directly use the polarized laser output of the laser marker, the orientation of the P-polarized light for processing, You can enhance the absorption of the laser workpiece; If the laser marking machine laser machining direction is changing, in order to avoid changing the orientation of the polarization of the laser absorption leads to changes in the work than make processing quality is uneven, the use of circular polarizer can be the linearly polarized laser output is converted to circularly polarized light, so that the absorption ratio of the machine direction irrelevant.

Laser wavelength of laser marking machine for marking the impact of Laser marking machine is the use of laser marking technology for processing, its laser beam quality is good or bad to have a significant impact on the process. Laser marking machine using laser technology for permanent marking on different materials, not being worn. Gather the laser beam on the workpiece, the workpiece marking, the laser wavelength have a great influence on the laser.

Electromagnetic waves by the interaction of electric and magnetic fields propagating in the movement can be considered a form of matter wave wavelength and the same form of communication, the equivalent of a wavelength of a laser matter waves. The concept of the presence of electric and magnetic fields is considered one cycle long propagation distance. General laser marking machine laser wavelength is fixed, the most suitable for processing production settings. Laser wavelength and material processing are also related.

Laser marking laser machining process plays a decisive role. Laser can be well utilized, its quality, impact on the workpiece. As a form of laser wavelength laser transmission, which is the length of the laser reaches the surface of the workpiece to a certain extent. Laser wavelength is too short, the laser light will not reach all of the workpiece surface, so that the marking is not complete; if the laser wavelength is too long, heat will be generated on other areas of the workpiece, material waste. Therefore, during the process, be sure to pay attention to fit their own choice of laser marking machine processed products,the prospect of laser marking machine for sale is very good.

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