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How to improve the laser cutting machine processing system

1, accompanied by laser is developed to large power and the use of CNC and servo system with high performance, high processing speed can be obtained using high power SMT laser cutting machine, at the same time, reduce the heat affected zone and heat distortion; material plate can also further improve the cutting thickness, high power laser can be achieved by using the Q switch or the loading pulse wave, so that the low power laser to generate high power laser,the prospect of laser cutters for sale is very good.

2, according to the effect of laser cutting parameters, improved processing technology, such as: the increase of gas on the blowing force cutting slag; join the slagging agent to improve the liquidity of melt; adding auxiliary energy, and improve the coupling between energy use; and a higher absorption rate of laser cutting. SS3.SMT laser cutting machine of steel net development to automated, intelligent direction. The CAD/CAPP/CAM and artificial intelligence applied in laser cutting, multifunction laser processing system is highly automated and developed.

4, according to the processing speed adaptive control of laser power and laser mode or the establishment of the process database and expert adaptive control system of the laser cutting machine performance generally improved. Based on the database system, the general CAPP development tools, all kinds of data of laser cutting process design involves analysis, database structure to adapt to.

5, to the multifunctional laser machining center development, quality of laser cutting, laser welding and laser heat treatment of various processes of feedback are integrated together, give full play to the advantages of laser processing.

6, if the development with Internet and WEB technology, network database based on WEB, using fuzzy reasoning and artificial neural network to automatically determine the laser cutting process parameters, and can remote access and control process has become the inevitable trend of laser cutting don't.

Advantages of SMT laser cutting technologyThe template is produced by three methods. Chemical corrosion (chemical etching), laser cutting (laser cutting) material removal (reduction methods), and electroforming (electroforming) by chemical method to increase the material (plus method). Chemical corrosion is the original, it is the most common method of manufacture, the disadvantage is the opening precision.

The use of a photoimageable resist electroforming, resist on the cathode metal heart. Resist thickness of hope than template. When the resist is developed, resist column formation in hopes to open the hole position. Nickel plating on the cathode metal, until it reaches the desired template thickness. After the electroplating, the resist removing template column, removed from the metal heart. This method is mainly used for the accuracy and precision of solder paste release and very good,the prospect of laser cutting machine for sale is very good.

Laser cutting is using high energy laser beam on the surface of the workpiece, so that the irradiated region of partial melting or vaporization, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting the workpiece. Laser cutting steps involved than chemical etching and electroforming are less. Laser template cutting machine used for cutting holes, the hole wall and conical or trapezoidal, depending on the hole surface is larger than the hole by the scraper. Step template combined with the use of chemical etching and laser cutting, chemical etching for local thinning, and laser cutting for open hole.

Laser template (laser stencil) in the application of SMT has been 20 years of history.

Therefore, compared with the chemical corrosion and electroforming technology, laser cutting has the following advantages:Simple production process: data processing machine cutting - Net - inspection, packaging and shipment, the fastest 4 hours.(chemical etching: Data Processing - a film - exposure - etch - Net - Inspection - packaging and shipment, the fastest 6 hours.Electroforming: Data Processing - a film - dry mold - plating - Net - inspection, packaging and shipment, the fastest 12 hours)The highest accuracy: data processing, cutting, a printing error, once formed, the formation of the minimum error.

(chemical etching: Data Processing - a film - etching, two printing, two error, the formation of large error.Electroforming: Data Processing - a film - plating, two printing, two error, the error is bigger.)Fast delivery of laser template: the fastest delivery time of 4 hours.

No environmental pollution: laser fabrication of templates is the stainless steel cutting and forming, incision completely vaporized, and no noise.(chemical etching and electroplating have used chemical reagent),the prospect of laser cutter machine for sale is very good.

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