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Application of laser marking machine in the wood products.

Laser marking machine is widely used in all walks of life, and now have begun to use laser marking machine marking on wood products, application is very extensive, below the sign marking machine manufacturers to say that laser marking machine in the wood products,the laser marking machine price is reasonable.

Look at the color: mechanical engraving is not common in a cost-effective way of carving irregular point, form has not gray. Laser engraving machine is realized by dot carving, has the natural advantage in gray scale expression. Therefore in the carving design as far as possible the use of gray forms, the advantage of this is to reduce the coloring process, saving the cost; on the other hand, enriched the carving performance means, increase the level of graphics. Users in the use of, the graphics do different gray filled (text to convert graphics), carving output select monochrome mode, can try different dot effect, accuracy is generally not more than 500dpi. Wood engraving after the general will have a burning sensation, with wood color matched with an original artistic beauty, the color depth mainly depends on the laser power and engraving speed. But some wood is soft that, no matter what you cannot change its color (such as birch). The product color, can use acrylic paint.

Following the presentation of material:

1, wood: wood is by far the most commonly used laser materials processing, easy engraving and cutting. Light wood like birch, cherry or maple very easily by laser vaporization, which is suitable for carving. Each wood has its own characteristics, some tight some, such as hardwood, to greater laser power in carving or cutting. We suggest that the sculpture is not too familiar with the wood, to first study carving characteristics.

2: engraving on plywood, plywood doesn't make much of a difference and engraving on wood, but one point to note, the engraving depth should not be too deep. After cutting the plywood edge will be like timber blackening, if the key to see is that wood plywood manufacturing.

Generally speaking, on the wood carving is often overcast carving, and engraving depth generally requires a deep. This power is generally set higher, such as hard wood may make carving graphics colors become darker. If you want to make the lighter color, can improve the speed of engraving, try to carve a few times. Some wood will produce some smoke attached to a wood surface carving, wood has brush paint can be used wet cloth to be wiped, if not painting may not wipe clean, resulting in the finished product surface fouling.

Laser marking machine lens is not damaged by the wayLaser marking machine is more and more popular with the customers, more and more industries, products used in laser marking machine, in the use of the process should pay attention to the protection of laser marking machine lens, following the sign marking machine manufacturers to introduce laser marking machine lens is not damaged by the way.

Laser marking machine lens is not clean will affect the laser marking effect, so we need to ensure that the lens cleaning in the use of laser marking machine, but in the cleaning and maintenance of the process has the following taboo:

(1) the hand touch the mirror(2) on the mirror surface Haqi or air spray air compressor blow note: laser lens cleaning must be carefully(3) mirror directly touch the hard surfaces(4) in a non lens paper (bar) rtgwt_4n wipe or lens wipe profile and the characteristics of 3D dynamic scanning system(5) and the lens when the hard pressed laser marking machine optical path adjustment processIn order to obtain high-quality precise identification, we have the usual maintenance and maintenance work, must strictly abide by the laser printer lens wiping method, to avoid incorrect operation caused a laser marking machine marking effect etc,the prospect of laser marking machine for saleis very good.

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